Calderon River tour

calderon river tour four days

This tour is intended to visit primary jungle with native/indigenous guides and it is meant for travelers who look for a one-of-a-kind survival experience.

The trail to go to El Calderon region is located 22 kilometers away from Leticia, where we will set off on a 6 to 8-hour trek to reach the Calderon River. Once there we will set up the base camp from where we will explore this primary jungle.

This is a non-itinerary tour, where activities will depend on the season and weather conditions as well as your own preferences and what the jungle offers on any given day.

Some of the things we might do include: fishing and looking for food, exploring the surroundings, setting up trap cameras to try capturing amazing images of wild fauna, learning jungle survival skills, and much more! This is a deep jungle experience, wild, beautiful and far from what we call civilization.

This tour includes meals, hydration, guides, boat, hammocks with mosquito net, assistance insurance and rubber boots.

Area map

- Departure 9:00 am
- Day and night trekking
- Fishing
- Jungle camp
- Survival techniques
- Wildlife sighting
- Canoeing
- Return to Leticia 3:00 pm

Price per person in COP

No Spanish English
1 Person $1.500.000 $1.900.000
2 People $1.200.000 $1.400.000
3 People $1.000.000 $1.135.000
4 People $920.000 $1.020.000
5 People $850.000 $930.000
6 People $800.000 $865.000

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