Full jungle experience tour – four days


Explore the jungle and live a full Amazon Experience visiting both sides of the forest! Get to know firm land areas and floodable areas with indigenous guides and enjoy an authentic amazon experience!

The first day starts trekking in the jungle while you explore creeks and rivers. Spot wildlife, learn some survival skills and acquire general jungle knowledge with the guidance of local native indigenous people.

The second day take a boat ride through the Yahuarcaca Lakes that are one of the most beautiful groups of lakes you will find in the Amazon region and you will be able to explore its ecosystem and unique landscape.

The next day goes by boat along the Amazon River through Zacambu and Gamboa rivers and lakes. Here you will explore the jungle on the Peruvian side by boat and by foot, with day and night activities such as: dolphin spotting, fishing (mostly piranhas), caiman safari, day and night trekking, etc.
Spend the night in a basic jungle hotel or in a jungle camp (optional, depends on the season). We provide the equipment to you (rubber boots, hammock, mosquito net).

The last day is a walk through the flooded jungle from Zacambu of approximately four hours to reach the Gamboa indigenous community and there takes a boat to return to Leticia in the afternoon hours.

This tour includes meals, hydration, guides, boat, hammocks with mosquito net, assistance insurance and rubber boots.

Area map

- Departure 9:00 am
- Trekking
- Visit to the grandfather Huitoto
- Night Trekking
- Jungle camp
- Transfer to Yahuarcaca Lakes
- Visit to Victoria Regia Reserve
- Fishing
- Bird spotting
- Night safari in boat
- Accommodation in native house
- Transfer to Zacambu in boat
- Dolpghin spotting
- Fishing
- Zacambu Lakes exploration
- Night safari / caiman spotting
- Accommodation in native lodge or Jungle camp
- Trek to the Gamboa Community
- Estimated time of return to leticia at 5:00 pm

Price per person in COP

No Spanish English
1 Person $1.830.000 $2.230.000
2 People $1.230.000 $1.430.000
3 People $1.100.000 $1.235.000
4 People $1.000.000 $1.100.000
5 People $980.000 $1.060.000
6 People $920.000 $985.000