Zacambu River – two days

Zacambu river two days tour

Take a boat trip along the Amazon, Zacambu and Gamboa rivers and lakes in which you'll be able to explore the flooded jungle by canoeing and fishing (mostly piranha), followed by a visit a Peruvian village where the native people breed pirarucu fish ( the biggest sweet water scaled fish in the world) to help increase the population.

The Zacambu area (rivers and lakes) is considered one of the best places to spot pink and gray dolphins and even swim in close proximity to them. It is also a great place to spot wildlife while navigating the flooded jungle.

Area map

- Departure 9:00 am
- Dolpghin spotting
- Fishing
- Zacambu Lakes Exploration
- Night safari / caiman spotting
- Accommodation in native lodge
- Visit to Peruvian village
- Return to Leticia 5:00 pm

Price per person in COP

No Spanish English
1 Person $1.100.000 $1.300.000
2 People $600.000 $700.000
3 People $550.000 $615.000
4 People $490.000 $540.000
5 People $460.000 $500.000
6 People $440.000 $470.000