Javari River Tour
The Javari River and Zacambu tour (three days two nights) is a great way to have a true jungle experience. On this tour you’ll explore Peruvian jungle and the Gamboa and Zacambu rivers and lakes, where you will get to watch pink and gray dolphins in their natural habitat. Food and water are abundant and safe from stomach issues (provisions will be sent from Leticia).

The purpose of this tour is to explore the jungle on the Peruvian side by boat and by foot, with day and night activities such as: dolphin spotting, fishing (mostly piranhas), caiman safari, day and night trekking, etc. You can also camp in the jungle if climate conditions allow (optional) and visit a monkey sanctuary located in a small Peruvian village where locals are also breeding pirarucu fish to help increase the population of this incredible fish in danger of extinction.

Map area


– Rubber boots

– Meals

– Hydration

– Hammock

– Mosquito net

– Transportation during the tour

– Assistance insurance


– Dolphin spotting
– Fishing
– Javari River and Zacambu exploration
– Night safari/Caiman spotting
– Night in native lodge
– Jungle camp and night trek
– Monkey sanctuary
– Trek to the Gamboa community


By sending us an email you give us a chance to prepare your tour. It is not yet a booking. We will provide you with individual information before you start your jungle tour..

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