Amazon Experience Jungle Tours and hosting is committed to show the Amazonian jungle and its culture in the most possible authentic and honest way.


Full jungle tour four days

Explore the jungle on both sides of the Amazon river with indigenous guides and get an authentic Amazon experience.

Calderon River

This tour is intended to visit primary jungle with native/indigenous guides and it is meant for travelers who look for a one-of-a-kind survival experience.

Amazon Experience Jungle Tours encourages cultural exchange between native people and visitors by sharing knowledge and experiences that aims to help protecting the primery jungle and the local cultures.

As a jungle tour operator we see it as our responsibility to create a positive impact on the different indigenous settlements we work with and therefore support the local economy.

Our Tours Team includes very experienced native guides, boat drivers and other specialized local people.

In other words: we will show you the amazing types of our various forests, fascinating paradise spots throughout the experience and the knowledge of the Amazonian native people!

From one day tours to six days jungle excursions, we also offer customized tours for fishing, bird sighting and much more.

All tours include meals, hydration, guides, boat and rubber boots.

Hostel in Leticia Amazonas

Casa de las Palmas Hostel

Casa de las Palmas Hostel is a great meeting point for travelers looking for adventure, jungle tours with an authentic touch and a real Amazon Experience in Leticia Amazonas Colombia.

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