Full Jungle Experience tour

Explore the vast Amazon jungle that stretches on both sides of the mighty Amazon River. Immerse yourself in an authentic Amazonian experience as you embark on a guided tour led by indigenous natives in the high and floodable jungles of this Amazon region

Day 1: The tour starts at 9:00 am from Hostel Casa de las Palmas in Leticia, Colombia. You’ll be driven to the Tacana River for a two-hour jungle hike to a Huitoto maloca. After lunch, there’s a hike to the Colombia-Brazil border for wildlife spotting. Back at the maloca, learn about the mambe process and the significance of the coca plant for the Huitoto. In the evening, join a guided nocturnal jungle walk. Spend the night in the maloca in a hammock.

Day 2: On day two, hike back to the road and return to Leticia by van. After a brief village stop, take an exciting boat journey along the Amazon and Yavari rivers to Sacambu Lodge in the flooded jungle between Brazil and Peru. Enjoy lunch, go boat fishing for piranhas, and explore the Yavari River for pink and gray dolphins. Take a refreshing swim in a lake, witness the sunset, and return to the lodge for dinner. Embark on a thrilling boat expedition to spot caimans and, depending on the season, enjoy a captivating night hike through the flooded jungle. The adventure continues in the mysterious darkness of the jungle!

Day 3: On the morning of the third day, cruise along the Sacambu River, immersing yourself in its stunning landscape. Visit a small Peruvian village, where you’ll encounter the colossal Arapaima gigas, the world’s largest river fish. Observe playful monkeys and, depending on the water level of the Amazon River, choose between a boat journey or a walk through the flooded jungle. The tour concludes with your return to Leticia around 5:00 pm.

Note: Please be aware that the sequence of activities might be subject to change based on weather conditions or decisions made by the guides to ensure the best possible experience and safety.

Area map


– Rubber boots

– Food

– Hydration

– Hammock

– Mosquito net

– Transportation

– Assistance insurance


– Departure 9:00 am
– Walk in the jungle
– Preparation of mambe
– Night walk
– Maloca/ jungle camp
– Boat trip to Sacambu 10:00 am
– Dolphin spotting
– Fishing
– Sacambu lakes exploration
– Night safari/caiman
– Visit Peruvian village
– Return to Leticia 5:00 pm

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