Embark on a one-day boat tour through one of the most beautiful lake systems you will discover in the Amazon. Explore its ecosystem and enjoy its spectacular views in the company of our outstanding native guides.

From 9:00 am, the tour begins with an approximately eight-kilometer boat ride, exploring the Yahuarcaca lakes and various areas of the flooded jungle. During this journey, there are opportunities to observe local wildlife, such as monkeys, birds, reptiles, among others. This first activity lasts for three to four hours.

Once the tour is completed, a visit is made to a house inhabited by local people, where lunch is enjoyed, and a short break is taken.

After the break, a tour is conducted to discover the “walking tree” or Renaco, followed by a visit to a reserve along the Amazon River, where there is an opportunity to learn about the Victoria Regia plant or Water Lily. After the visit to the reserve, return to the main lake is made, where activities such as swimming, wildlife observation, fishing, and waiting for a colorful sunset are possible to conclude the tour.

Note: Please be aware that the sequence of activities might be subject to change based on weather conditions or decisions made by the guides to ensure the best possible experience and safety.

Map area


– Rubber boots

– Meal

– Hydration

– Transportation during the tour

– Assistance insurance


– Departure 9:00 am

– Victoria Regia reserve

– Trekking

– Lunch

– Fishing

– Bird spotting

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