Javari River Tour

During this fascinating two-day tour, you will explore the flooded jungle in Peru, navigating the rivers and lakes of Yavari and Sacambú. You will have the opportunity to spot gray and pink dolphins, along with other species that inhabit this amazing region.

Day 1: The tour begins at Casa de las Palmas hostel, where you will receive information, rubber boots, and other preparations. From there, we will head to the port of Leticia to board a boat that will take you on a approximately three-hour journey along the Amazon River, followed by the Yavari River, until reaching accommodation in Sacambu, Peru, managed by the native community. This will be the place where you’ll spend the night, enjoy meals, and serve as the starting point for various activities. After settling into the accommodation, you’ll have time to rest and await lunch. Later in the afternoon, get ready for an exciting boat excursion to spot dolphins, swim in the lakes of Sacambu, and witness a spectacular sunset. After the activity, you’ll return to the accommodation to rest a bit before dinner. In the evening, you’ll be ready to explore in search of caimans in the river and, depending on the water level, embark on a short night walk in search of nocturnal animals and insects. This activity can take between two and three hours.

Day 2: In the morning of the second day, after breakfast, you’ll take a short boat trip to reach a Peruvian village. There, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter the largest fish in the river (Arapaima gigas or Pirarocú) and observe some monkeys in the process of being released. This activity will take between two and three hours. Once the visit to the Peruvian village is complete, you’ll return to the accommodation for lunch and prepare for the journey back to Leticia. The return itinerary to Leticia will depend on the river level and may be through the Gamboa River, crossing the flooded jungle in winter, or along the Yavari River.

The arrival in Leticia is estimated between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, depending on weather conditions.

Note: Please be aware that the sequence of activities might be subject to change based on weather conditions or decisions made by the guides to ensure the best possible experience and safety.

Map area


– Rubber boots

– Meals

– Hydration

– Hammock

– Mosquito net

– Transportation during the tour

– Assistance insurance


– Dolphin spotting
– Fishing
– Yavari River and Sacambu exploration
– Night safari/Caiman spotting
– Night in native lodge
– Visit peruvian village
– Journey back to Leticia

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