indigenous-settlemens tour 2

The trek starts 11 kilometers outside Leticia, where an indigenous guide will take you into the jungle to visit an indigenous maloca, the ancestral house where rituals, dances and other traditions take place.

On the way to the maloca you’ ll learn about the way indigenous people survive in the jungle and they will share some of their knowledge about the local flora and fauna.

Upon arrival you’ll get to have a conversation with the curaca or “grandfather”, of the community, as well as enjoying a delicious traditional indigenous lunch, a swim in the Takana river, and a visit to the chagra which is the place where the native grow the plants they need (fruits and medicinal plants mostly).

Area map

[table caption=”” width=”270″ colwidth=”220″ colalign=”left”] TOUR ACTIVITIES, Departure 9:00 am Trekking 9:30 am Arrive at Maloca for lunch Visit to chagra Swim in Tacana River Return to Leticia 5:00 pm [/table] [table caption=”” width=”280″ colwidth=”20|50|50|30″ colalign=”left|left|left|right”] No, ,Spanish,English, 1,Person,$325.000,$425.000 2,People,$250.000,$300.000 3,People,$230.000,$265.000 4,People,$200.000,$225.000 5,People,$170.000,$190.000 6,People,$160.000,$175.000 [/table]


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